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This page is designed to help you define one Amistad from another.    What is an Amistad you may ask.
We, the Amistad Definition Council (ADC), are here to clear that up for you.  In the United States
there has been some confusion on how to classify the colored race.  Different terms throughout the
years have been used, but none have stuck with the times and been successful.  The latest term being
used would be "African-American" but we here at the ADC feel that it is improper to hyphenate the word
"American" because it already means "melting pot" or "mixed nuts."

We here at the ADC want to go back to the roots of this race, the transport that carried the
tired souls to this great country.  We feel they should have their own term that they want and
deserve.  This is why we chose "Amistad"  This is a word that can be hyphenated at will.
Now the plain term "Amistad" may be fine for most but it can be broken down into many classifications.
The ADC have taken great amounts of time and tax dollars to bring you this ever expanding list.
It has been created to stop the confusion and help us all get along.  It will be updated as
time changes to give this race the label it wants and deserves.


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New Amistad definitions can be submitted here for ADC approval.
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